How Hard Can it Be to…

Write a blog on a regular basis? Well it seems for me it is quite hard! I started this year with the best laid plans but for some reason I've struggled to stay on track, lacked motivation, been very fatigued yet strangely energised - and I'm now reviewing my year! Overall I've achieved some goals … Continue reading How Hard Can it Be to…

Expectations vs Realities.. I gave up co

Expectations vs Realities.. I gave up coffee! I've been pondering lately about where this year has gone. I feel like I've been eternally busy yet accomplished not much. Earlier in the year I discovered an unwelcome mental house guest - high anxiety. Having struggled with anxiety most of my life I felt pretty good about … Continue reading Expectations vs Realities.. I gave up co

Plastic Free?? read the article below ab

Plastic Free?? read the article below about the microplastic problem Since it's Plastic Free July I thought this seemed an approriate article to post - courtesy of Bioconcepts. NO plastic is biodegradable. It all just keeps breaking down into smaller & smaller particles but never actually dissolves away. This is a massive problem for our … Continue reading Plastic Free?? read the article below ab

SPRING is here?!

Time to open up the windows & get outside in the warm fresh air.... but what to do about the sneezing?? Is it Seasonal Allergies (think Rhinitis/Hayfever) or round 2 of the dreaded "lurgy"? There are loads of pollens around right now along with a late rush of secondary Winter colds. It's also that time … Continue reading SPRING is here?!

baby food

Nutrition & Eating are 2 big areas with kids. It's tough becasue when they're young you are 100% responsibe for what goes in and I know it becomes harder when nana/grandad/aunty/cousin/brother don't agree or believe what you do and then feed them all the stuff you've worked so hard to eliminate from their diet.